Footballer Lee Kang-in and April's Naeun are not dating, contrary to reports

Footballer Lee Kang-in, left, and actor Lee Na-eun [YONHAP, DSP MEDIA]

Footballer Lee Kang-in and actor Lee Na-eun, also known as the now-disbanded girl group April's Naeun, have gone their separate ways, according to a sports publication SPOTV News.

Reports speculated on Tuesday that the two entertainers were dating. Lee Na-eun's agency, Namoo Actors, denied the reports, while the athlete's agency declined to comment.

But the two did not clearly state their position on the relationship because they had already broken up when the reports came to light, according to SPOTV News.

They aren't the only couple involving an ex-April member mired in confusion this week. Rumors of a relationship between K-league footballer Seol Young-woo and former April member Yang Ye-na also arose on Thursday of this week; the two had also already broken up, per the report.

Footballer Seol Young-woo, left, and actor Yang Ye-na [NEWS1, SCREEN CAPTURE]

“It is hard to confirm the issue, as it is Yang’s privacy,” Yang’s agency, Star Base Management Group, said Thursday. “We apologize for not being able to answer in more detail.”

Seol did not release any statement regarding the rumors.

Lee Na-eun debuted in 2015 as a member of April under DSP Media. She has been active as an actor and is known for roles in the web series “A-Teen” (2018—19) and “Extraordinary You” (2019).

Lee Na-eun signed an exclusive contract with Namoo Actors after the group disbanded in 2022.

Yang debuted as a member April alongside Lee Na-eun and also turned to acting after the group disbanded.

Lee Kang-in is a professional footballer for the Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain. He is also a regular pick for the national team.

Seol plays professionally for K-league club Ulsan HD as well as for the Korean national team with Lee Kang-in.