Four things you need to know about K-pop pop-up stores in Korea

It became a trend for K-pop groups to open pop-ups to promote their comebacks, debuts and anniversaries. If you happen to be in Korea when your favorite group is having a comeback, visiting its pop-up store is definitely a plan you should add to your itinerary. To make the most out of your visit, I'll share with you some useful information about them I've learned through these years!

# 1. X (Twitter) is the best source of information.

X, formerly Twitter, is the best way to get information about pop-ups. There is usually an official account for each pop-up that shares all its updates, including the pop-up's location, merch lineup, website for reservations and more.

They usually update, in real-time, which items have sold out, what new items are available or if there are any relevant changes and information fans should know.

Also, fans use X to share their experiences. If you are looking for reviews, X is the right place to check!

X, formerly Twitter, accounts for RIIZE and ATEEZ's pop-up stores

# 2. Some pop-up stores require a reservation to enter

Even though many pop-up stores are open for fans to freely visit, some limit the number of people visiting every day and require a reservation. Reservation is free, but the process varies depending on the organizer.

Naver is the reservation platform companies most often use, which means you need a valid Naver account. Also, as with everything in Korea, spots run out quickly, so make the reservation as soon as they open.

# 3. Merch sells out fast!

These pop-ups usually sell special merchandise to celebrate the group's comeback. They are often limited in quantity and only offered during the pop-up's run. If you have a specific item in mind, book a spot on the day the pop-up opens in the morning hours.

NAVER booking page for Stray Kids "5-STAR" pop-up store

# 4. Artists visit their own stores

K-pop stars sometimes visit their pop-ups to leave autographs and messages for fans around the store. So if you already went, it might be worth going again after they visit the place.

That is all you need to know about pop-up stores in Korea! Remember to take pictures, take on the missions provided at the place to win souvenirs and enjoy your time while meeting other fans!

Stray Kids members’ autographs at Stray Kids "Rock Star" pop-up store in Seoul [DANIELA GONZALEZ PEREZ]

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Stray Kids' pop-up store, "Rock Star," ATEEZ's pop-up store, "The World EP.FIN: WILL," and aespa's pop-up store, "Week - Drama City" in Seoul [DANIELA GONZALEZ PEREZ].

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