G-Dragon to appear for police questioning over alleged drug use on Monday

K-pop artist G-Dragon will appear for his first police questioning on Monday. [NEWS1]

A police squad has been dispatched around the Incheon Nonhyun Police Station for K-pop star G-Dragon's first summoned questioning due to concerns of fans and streamers crowding the nearby area.

G-dragon is scheduled to appear for questioning on suspicion of illegal drug use on Monday afternoon, according to the Incheon Police Agency.
Some 70 police officers will be stationed around the Incheon Nonhyeon Police Station, where the drug investigation office is, from Monday morning.

An additional 80 police officers will also be placed at the station's main entrance and other areas to prevent safety accidents.

The police plan to separate news outlets and YouTubers using the fence on the station's parking lot to prevent disorderly situations, such as crowding the area to catch sight of the star.

The singer's fans have protested against news outlets reporting about their favorite artist being investigated for alleged drug use.

Fans have been putting in complaint calls to the Incheon Police Agency's drug investigation unit even until recently.

Some even filed civil complaints asking to "punish the police who first disclosed the star's name to media outlets.

The complaint pointed out that reports about the singer's allegation differ among news outlets.

However, there may not be as many fans and YouTubers at the station due to the strong winds and rainy weather forecast in Incheon the same day.

The police plan to perform a rapid drug test to confirm G-Dragon's use of illegal drugs. It will also take samples of G-Dragon's urine and hair to be sent to the National Forensic Service for more detailed analysis.

The police will also investigate the relation between the manager of an adult entertainment establishment in Gangnam, southern Seoul and the doctor who handed drugs to the artist through securing the singer's phone that he said to submit voluntarily.

The investigation will be G-Dragon's first questioning after the allegation about his use of illegal drugs since last month.

The singer said earlier he has not "used any drugs," denying all the allegations, adding he "will actively cooperate with the police's investigation."

Currently, a total of 10 people, including G-Dragon and actor Lee Sun-kyun, are under investigation by the Incheon Police Agency on suspicion of drug use.

G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong, had been once questioned for marijuana use in 2011 by the Korean prosecution, but his indictment was suspended after he confessed to inhaling the substances unintentionally.

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