(G)I-DLE drops '2' for every 'Super Lady' as group powers through health, lyric fights


Every "Super Lady" around the world gets a shoutout from (G)I-DLE as the girl group battles tough health and lyric approval issues amid the release of its second full-length album, "2."

(G)I-DLE is set to drop its new 8-track album Monday at 6 p.m., the band's first album in seven months since its sixth EP "I feel." It's also the group's first full-length album in two years since "I Never Die" was released in March 2022.

All five members — Soyeon, Miyeon, Minnie, Shuhua and Yuqi — took part in either composing songs or writing lyrics for the track.

An inverted image of the title "2" also serves as a visual representation of the number of members and how they each participated in bringing their unique voice to the album, according to the band's agency Cube Entertainment.

The cover of Girl group (G)I-DLE's new album ″2″ [CUBE ENTERTAINMENT]

The title track "Super Lady" was written, composed and arranged by the leader of (G)I-DLE, Soyeon, alongside producers Pop Time, Daily and Likey. The song is dedicated to every "Super Lady" around the world and their beauty and strength within, the agency said.

Soyeon also produced tracks "Revenge," "Fate" and pre-release "Wife." Yuqi took part in writing the song and lyrics for "Doll" and "Rollie," and Minnie worked on "Vision" alongside bandmate Miyeon in addition to "7Days."

"This album has been made by efforts to fill it with (G)I-DLE," Soyeon said in an interview with local streaming service Melon released Monday. "It's an album about the essence of being a singer."

But the album comes as (G)I-DLE members have faced unwelcome disruptions ahead of the release.

The group canceled promotional events for "2" after members Minnie and Yuqi fell ill on Friday, according to Cube Entertainment. The two went to the hospital due to a fever and migraine and were recommended to take time off and rest by the doctor, the agency said.

Girl group (G)I-DLE [MELON]

A press conference scheduled for Monday afternoon was also canceled.

Fans have been raising concerns about members' health since last year. Minnie left the stage during the "Jingle Ball 2023 in Philadelphia" performance last December due to health issues and Shuhua had to take time off after getting the flu shortly after.

"We will plan out the [group's] activities with the artists' health in our utmost priority and inform you of any changes in their plans," Cube Entertainment said. No details were given as of Monday.

"We ask for the fans' understanding. We promise to give our best to help (G)I-DLE recover," Cube said.

A scene from girl group (G)I-DLE's track ″Wife″ [CUBE ENTERTAINMENT]

The group took another hit last Wednesday when tracks "Wife" and "Rollie" were banned from being televised on national broadcaster KBS, the former for having lyrics that are "too explicit" and the latter for mentioning a specific brand name in the lyrics.

The agency did not comment on the issue.

The album has surpassed 1.8 million preorders as of Monday, the highest ever for the band. Offline sales of the album begin on Tuesday.

(G)I-DLE debuted in May 2018 with EP “I am" and has been famed for some of the biggest hits in K-pop, including “Latata” (2018), “Tomboy” (2022), “Nxde” (2022) and “Queencard” (2023).