Girl group TRI.BE to drop new single 'Diamond' after year-long hiatus

Girl group TRI.BE [NEWS1]

Girl group TRI.BE will return with its fourth single “Diamond” on Feb. 20, the group’s agency TR Entertainment said Friday.

“Diamond” will be the group’s first original music since it dropped its second EP ”W.A.Y” on Feb. 14 last year.

The new single will showcase the group’s musical growth and "strong inner mind," the agency said in a press release.

While no further information about the upcoming music was disclosed, a teaser poster was uploaded to the group’s official social media. The poster shows flowers blooming in the desert, meant to represent the group’s tough determination, according to the agency.

Teaser poster of TRI.BE's upcoming new single ″Diamond″ [TR ENTERTAINMENT]

TRI.BE debuted in February 2021 with its first single “TRI.BE Da Loca.” The group has six members: Songsun, Kelly, Hyunbin, Jia, Soeun and Mire. The band has released songs such as “Rub-A-Dum” (2021), “Would You Run” (2021), “Kiss” (2022) and “We Are Young” (2023).

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