Han So-hee 'tired of speculations' about Ryu Jun-yeol relationship

From left to right, singer Hyeri, actor Ryu Jun-yeol and actor Han So-hee [NEWS1]

Actor Han So-hee once again refuted speculation that her relationship with fellow actor Ryu Jun-yeol was a “rebound” on his part and made pointed remarks toward Ryu’s ex-girlfriend Hyeri in a social media post Friday. Han deleted the post about 10 minutes later and posted an apology, saying that she has a “quick temper.”

Han said that she was “getting tired of all the speculations” surrounding her relationship with Ryu in the now-deleted post.

“It's exactly November 2023 at his photo exhibition when I met him for the first time. I will disregard all the speculations that say that we'd been acquaintances before then. I had never met him at public or private events, nor had I ever contacted him or even had any mutual acquaintances.”

The drama first erupted after reports emerged on March 15 that Han and Ryu had been seen in Hawaii together. Hyeri, whose split from Ryu last November, posted an Instagram story the same day with the caption “this is fun” and unfollowed Ryu's account, further fueling rumors that the “Reply 1988” (2015-2016) star had begun dating Han before ending their seven-year relationship.

Hyeri later apologized for her “very personal and emotional response” in a now-deleted Instagram post on March 18, but added that she and Ryu had “told each other that [they] should talk more” after the breakup was reported.

Han nevertheless addressed Hyeri's infamous Instagram story again in her Friday post.

“The fact is that [Ryu and Hyeri] broke up last year,” the “Nevertheless” (2021) actor continued. “They said their goodbyes, wishing each other happiness and health.” Addressing Hyeri's claim that she and Ryu had agreed to stay in touch after the split, Han said that such “meetings” were not intended to “rekindle their relationship.”

“If this is untrue, [Hyeri] can refute it by talking to the press,” wrote Han, adding that she could not reach Hyeri no matter how hard she tried. “What I don’t understand is what's so 'fun' about an ex-boyfriend getting a new girlfriend.”

Han once again emphasized that the relationship was not a rebound and asked onlookers criticizing her to “hate [her] all they want, stop paying attention, and live their own lives.”

Han’s agency, 9ato Entertainment, said they had “no comment” on the matter after news reports of Han’s posts emerged.

Han and Ryu both confirmed their relationship through their agencies on March 16 and vowed to take legal measures against defamatory and malicious comments.