Hit Naver Webtoon 'Lookism' adapted into Netflix original animated series

A poster for the Naver Webtoon ″Lookism″ [NAVER WEBTOON]

The hit Naver Webtoon “Lookism” has been adapted into a Netflix original animated series and will be available for streaming worldwide from today.

According to Naver Webtoon on Thursday, the Netflix series “Lookism” will be released at 5 p.m. Although the global streaming service has created original series based on webtoons before, such as “Sweet Home” (2020), “All of Us Are Dead” (2021) and “Hellbound” (2021), it’s the first time a webtoon has been adapted into an animated series.

Korean dubbings were done by voice actors Shim Kyu- hyuck, Han Shin and Ryu Seung-gon, while Japanese dubbings were done by voice actors Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Daisuke Ono of “Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train” (2020) and “Attack on Titan” (2013-).

“Lookism” revolves around the protagonist Park Hyung-seok who is bullied by his classmates due to his looks. One day, however, Hyung-seok somehow attains a second body which has the perfect look.

The webtoon became an instant hit since it started in 2014 and still ranks high on the Naver platform. It is being translated in nine languages such as in English, Japanese and Thai and has accumulated more than 9.1 billion views worldwide.