HYBE to report ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin to police

ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin, left, and girl group NewJeans, managed by HYBE subsidiary ADOR [ADOR]

HYBE will report ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin to police on Thursday for breach of trust, the BTS agency said on the same day.

"We have gathered specific evidence that the ADOR CEO has led a move to seize management of the company," HYBE said in a press release on Thursday morning.

The statement came three days after the company began an audit of ADOR on Monday morning.

"The audited person handed in information related to the plans and admitted to writing the files that attacked HYBE," the statement said.

A KakaoTalk conversation between ADOR's vice CEO, at right in yellow, and CEO Min Hee-jin, left in white, was disclosed by HYBE on Thursday morning. [SCREEN CAPTURE]

HYBE also released a KakaoTalk conversation between ADOR's vice CEO and CEO Min Hee-jin.

The message in yellow in the picture reads, "We have these options," listing a series of methods to take control over ADOR by exercising Min's put option, leaving ADOR "an empty shell," getting a financial investor, asking HYBE to sell ADOR, selling ADOR and signing a new deal with a different company.

To that, Min answered, "Wow."

HYBE added that it will continue to care for NewJeans members.