Hyeri apologizes for 'emotional response' to Ryu Jun-yeol, Han So-hee dating news

Singer and actor Hyeri, also a member of girl group Girl's Day, on Nov. 21, 2023 [NEWS1]

Singer Hyeri apologized for her "very personal and emotional response" to the news of her ex-boyfriend, actor Ryu Jun-yeol, dating Han So-hee.

"I sincerely apologize for all the assumptions and controversy that have arisen due to my very personal and emotional response," the Girl's Day member wrote on her Instagram on Monday afternoon.

"I failed to see what my actions would lead to. I am truly sorry to everyone who has been damaged by my actions."

Hyeri's statement came after comments online accused Ryu for having started dating Han without ending his seven-year relationship with Hyeri.

Speculations began when Hyeri uploaded an Instagram Story reading, “This is fun,” after the news of Ryu and Han dating first broke on Friday.

Han also uploaded her own Instagram Story refuting the accusations.

"The news that we broke up was first reported last November," Hyeri said. "The decision was not made hastily, and we told each other that we should talk more, even after the report was made. But we did not see or talk to each other after we had that conversation."

"When I read the news [of Ryu and Han dating] four months later, I took it emotionally as just Lee Hye-ri, not actor Lee Hye-ri," she continued. "I am so sorry to have caused harm due to the impulse of the moment."

Hyeri added that she did not explain herself earlier, "due to the concern that it would only exhaust everyone with things that are too personal and private."

"I apologize once again if this has led to more confusion," she said. "I promise to act and talk with more prudence."

Earlier Monday, Han's agency vowed to take legal measures against "malicious comments" targeting the actor or her boyfriend Ryu.

News outlets reported that Ryu on Monday came back to Korea alone from Hawaii, where he was spotted together with Han. The two were initially scheduled to fly back to Korea together, but Han now will make a separate trip on Tuesday, reports said.

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