Indie rock band Jannabi to drop new album on May 10

Indie rock band Jannabi leader Choi Jung-hoon [ILGAN SPORTS]

Indie rock band Jannabi will drop a new album on May 10.

Choi Jung-hoon, the band’s leader, posted an image of a flower against a green background with the caption “Congratulations to everyone whose lives are back to normal [after Covid-19]. Jannabi will also be returning to its original place. Like you’ve expected, Jannabi will be dropping a new album on May 10.”

It’s not even been a year since Jannabi released its third full-length album, “The Land of Fantasy: Captain Giorbo and the Old-Fashioned Heroes.”

“A friend told me we must have a lot to say to release a new album within less than a year,” wrote Choi. “I guess we do. It’s nothing serious but please do look forward to it.”

Choi also hinted that Jannabi will start hosting small and large-scale concerts, which had to be postponed because of the pandemic.

Jannabi rose to fame with its single “For Lovers Who Hesitate,” from its second studio album “Legend,” which ranked No. 1 on the Melon Monthly Singles chart in May 2019. Its current members are Choi, bassist Jang Kyung-joon and guitarist Kim Do-hyung. In 2019, member Yoo Young-hyun left the band after being accused by netizens of being a bully in his youth.