IU announces Tweety collab and special edition of 'The Winning' EP

Singer-songwriter IU [EDAM ENTERTAINMENT]

IU's next collab is with a familiar yellow bird, Tweety. The singer will release a special version of her upcoming “The Winning” EP with the bright-eyed Warner Bros. character, the singer-songwriter’s agency EDAM Entertainment said Wednesday.

“IU, with Warner Bros. Discovery […], will be launching a large-scale collaboration with the beloved character Tweety,” EDAM Entertainment said in a press release Wednesday.

Special edition albums for singer-songwriter IU's upcoming EP, ″The WInning,″ made in collaboration with Warner Bros.' popular character Tweety [EDAM ENTERTAINMENT]

Tweety is no stranger to long-time IU fans. The character has appeared as the profile photo on IU's official Instagram account since 2018.

IU updated her profile picture to a never-before-seen illustration of Tweety on Tuesday shortly before announcing the collaboration.

IU's official Instagram account [SCREEN CAPTURE]

IU also plans to release a merchandise collab, according to EDAM Entertainment.

Preorders for the special edition of “The Winning” EP will begin on Wednesday, while preorders for the regular EP began Jan. 31.

IU’s sixth EP “The Winning,” set to release on Feb. 26, will be the singer-songwriter’s first EP release in more than two years, following the release of her special EP “Pieces” in late 2021.

IU dropped her pre-release single “Love wins all” on Jan. 24 and received a “Perfect all-kill” status on local streaming charts. “Perfect all-kill” is awarded to songs that have topped Korea’s major daily and real-time streaming charts, including Melon’s Daily and Top 100, Genie’s Top 100 (Daily) and Top 100 (Realtime) and other major charts.

“Love wins all” became the fastest song by a female artist to top Melon’s Top 100 streaming charts since the chart last renewed in August 2021, hitting No. 1 just an hour after its release.

IU will kick off her “H.E.R” world tour at the KSPO Dome in southern Seoul on March 2. The singer will visit 17 cities around the world, including Singapore, Hong Kong, London, Washington D.C., and more.

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