IVE’s AN YUJIN was officially the busiest K-pop idol of 2023

IVE’s An Yu-jin was named the busiest K-pop idol of 2023 with 447 scheduled events this year. [BLIP]

K-pop artists are active — they release albums, perform on music shows, hold concerts, shoot TV programs and attend other events. But just how busy were the busiest idols in the industry?

IVE’s AN YUJIN was named the busiest K-pop idol of 2023, having attended 447 events this year, according to Blip’s Annual Schedule Report released Thursday.

Blip, a mobile app that helps fans keep track of K-pop idols' goings-on, tallied the items on K-pop artists' official and unofficial schedules, including TV programs, album releases and other events that they attended between Dec. 1 of last year and Nov. 30 of this year.

An had a busy year in 2023. The artist released two albums and participated in a world tour as a member of IVE; she also starred in tvN’s hit variety show “Earth Arcade 2” and attended many events as an ambassador for luxury brands such as Fendi.

NCT’s Mark ranked second place, having attended a total of 433 events, followed by Zhang Hao of ZeroBaseOne with 429 obligations.

ZeroBaseOne was quite a busy band this year, as six of its nine members made the top 10 list: Sung Han-bin ranked fourth with 423 scheduled events, Kim Ji-woong sixth with 422, Han Yu-jin eighth with 413, Kim Gyu-vin ninth with 410 and Kim Tae-rae 10th with 408.

STAYC’s Yoon tied Sung for fourth place, with 423 obligations, while Seventeen’s Hoshi ranking seventh with 417 schedules.