J-hope, Suga’s documentaries set for re-release in June

Documentaries featuring BTS members J-hope and Suga will be released in cinemas around the world starting June [GRAM FILMS]

J-hope and Suga’s documentaries will be released in cinemas around the world starting in June to celebrate BTS’s 10-year anniversary, the distributor Gram Films announced on Wednesday.

The two documentaries, “J-hope in the Box” and “Suga: Road to D-DAY” were released in February and April of this year on streaming service Disney+ and Weverse, both focusing on each artist’s journey to producing their first official solo albums, “Jack In The Box” (2022) and “D-Day” (2023).

“J-hope in the Box” logs the 200-day-long journey by J-hope in producing his first album, including behind-the-scenes videos of the artist working on the B-Side tracks of the album, a peek at the listening party that J-hope hosted a day before the launch of the album and footage of him preparing his main stage performance at the Lollapalooza Festival in August 2022. He was the first Korean artist to headline the renowned U.S. festival.

Suga’s documentary “Suga: Road to D-DAY,” filmed by Suga himself, logs his journey around the world, meeting artists and getting inspiration from different cities during the production of his first official solo album.

The documentaries will first be available in Lotte Cinemas in Korea starting in June, followed by releases in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and other countries around the world.