Jay Park 'forever grateful' as he prepares for much-anticipated return

Stills from Jay Park's ″Jay Park Season″ trailer video [MORE VISION]

Jay Park's return to music is underway. The singer-songwriter, rapper and producer uploaded a trailer for his upcoming music activities, titled “Jay Park Season,” to his social media pages on Monday.

Park can be seen recording music, dancing and filming on set, working both behind and in front of the camera.

“It’s been a crazy 16 years,” Park says in the trailer.

“Highs and lows, good and bad, smiles and tears. You guys have been there since day one, and gave me life to continue to this day. And for that, I’m forever grateful.”

The singer said he had been occupied doing entrepreneurial work, but that it was “time to get back to what brought [him] here in the first place.”

Specific details on Park’s new music and activities will be revealed on his social media pages at a later date, his agency More Vision said in a press release Tuesday.

Park released the single “Yesterday” and digital singles “Candy (feat. Zion.T)” and “Why” last year. He also released a four-track EP in collaboration with producer and DJ Slom, titled “Slay House Remix.”

Park, better known in Korea by his full name Park Jae-beom, debuted as a member of boy band 2PM in 2008 but left the group in 2009. He launched his solo career with his first EP, “Count on Me,” in 2010.

He has also worked in talent management. He founded music label AOMG in 2013 and H1GHR MUSIC in 2017 and worked as co-CEO at both companies until 2021. He currently serves as executive music and entertainment adviser to esports team Gen.G Esports.

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