Jimin donates 100 million won to support underprivileged students

Jimin from boy band BTS [BIGHIT MUSIC]

Jimin of BTS donated 100 million won ($72,500) to the Gyeongsangnamdo Office of Education in South Gyeongsang on Thursday.

The donation was sent by Jimin’s father, as Jimin is currently undergoing his military mandatory service. Jimin’s father asked the office to use the money to help underprivileged students in South Gyeongsang, according to the office.

“Although Jimin has no direct connection to South Gyeongsang as he grew up in Busan, we’ve learned that Jimin’s donation was made out of good intentions,” the office told local press.

Since 2019, Jimin has made donations in the form of scholarships and books to nationwide provinces and cities to help students from low-income households.

This donation will be used by the Future Educational Foundation of Gyeongsangnamdo, an establishment dedicated to supporting the low-income bracket, which is funded by the Gyeongsangnamdo Office of Education.

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