Jimin, Jungkook update fans after basic training

BTS's Jimin, left, and Jungkook [SCREEN CAPTURE]

BTS's Jimin and Jungkook greeted fans after completing their basic military training.

The two members finished their basic military training on Wednesday after enlisting together on Dec. 12.

"We stand united," Jungkook wrote on the band's fan communication platform, Weverse, on Wednesday.

"ARMY, are you guys all doing well?" Jimin said in a handwritten letter he posted on Weverse.

ARMY is the band's official fan club.

"As over a month goes by, it sometimes feels long, and it sometimes feels so fast as Jungkook is by my side," he said.

"I miss you all so much, even though it hasn't been that long. I spent my time calling the other members using a pay phone to check on them, and Jungkook is also doing well, spending his time working hard with his military life."

"All the trainees [complimented Jungkook] saying 'Jungkook as expected' as he was exceptionally good at his training," Jimin added. "I will soon be moving to my new military base and will do my best to adjust to the new environment."

"I'll continue to write letters after I move to my military base."

All members of BTS are currently completing their mandatory military service, which will end by June 2025.

Members RM and V completed their basic training a day earlier.

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