Jungkook says he wants to 'keep on racing' on his 'Golden' release day

Singer Jungkook of boy band BTS [BIGHIT MUSIC]

On the "Golden" day of BTS Jungkook's first album release Friday, the singer says his goal is to become "an amazing artist who can fill a solo concert for three hours" in an interview video of the album released to the press.

"As an artist or a singer, I just simply keep on challenging myself to diverse stages and genres," Jungkook said, answering questions from the press that were submitted before the release of the album.

"I know some people find me greedy, but I just think there are so many things I haven't done yet. I'll keep on racing forward until I feel content with myself. I would really like to become an amazing artist who can fill a solo concert for three hours. I want to show that I'm good not only as [a member of] group but also on my own."

"Golden" was released Friday as the BTS member's first official solo album that contains the "golden moments of Jungkook," according to his agency BigHit Music. Eleven songs are included in the compilation, including lead track "Standing Next to You" and dance tracks "Seven" and "3D" that stormed charts worldwide earlier this year.

Scenes from the music video of BTS Jungkook's new track ″Standing Next to You″ [BIGHIT MUSIC]

Other tracks are: "Closer to You" featuring Major Lazer, "Yes or No," "Please Don't Change" featuring DJ Snake, "Hate You," "Somebody," "Too Sad to Dance" and "Shot Glass of Tears."

With his first solo projects, Jungkook has been applauded as going beyond K-pop and becoming a true "world-class" pop star by the press in and outside of Korea. Earlier this month, Jungkook became the second K-pop soloist to have five songs enter Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart.

On Tuesday, his solo debut track "Seven" became the fastest song to reach 1 billion streams on the global music streaming service Spotify just 108 days after its release on July 14.

"I want to make music that everyone can listen to comfortably," Jungkook said. "I know that it's my job to persuade the audience with good stage, good music. I do feel a little intimidated by the 'global pop star' title, but I want to do well enough to prove that name right."