K-pop duo Sevenus to release first EP, 'Spring Canvas,' on March 15

Musical duo Sevenus [PCS ENTERTAINMENT]

K-pop duo Sevenus will release its first EP “Spring Canvas” on March 15, the singers’ agency PCS Entertainment said Tuesday.

The schedule for releases of the EP’s promotional content, including its tracklist and music video teasers, was uploaded to the duo’s social media pages on Tuesday.

Schedule for promotional content releases for Sevenus's upcoming EP ″Spring Canvas″ [PCS ENTERTAINMENT]

Sevenus, comprised of singers Hee-jae and Ireah, first debuted in 2017 under the name MASC. The duo received wider attention after participating as Team 07:00 on JTBC’s audition program “Peak Time,” a show that aims to shed light on lesser-known boy bands that have already debuted.

The duo signed with PCS Entertainment under its current name after landing the show's runner-up spot.

The singers have since participated in a national tour of the top six “Peak Time” contestant groups. The duo released its latest digital single, “Mirror,” last December and its debut single, “Summús,” in July.

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