KARD to drop 'Fireworks' on Nov. 14

Mixed-gender K-pop group KARD [DSP MEDIA]

Mixed-gender K-pop group KARD will release a new song, "Fireworks," on Nov. 14, its agency DSP Media said Tuesday.

"'Fireworks' expresses the beginning of love as the flames of fireworks," the agency said in a press release.

The song will be the sixth song of the + memory play project. It is a collaboration series created by BY4M Studio.

The project introduces new songs under the slogan, "adding the sense of longing in daily life and covering it with new feelings."

K-pop artists such as Pentagon's Hui, Jamie and GFriend's Yuju have also participated in the past.

KARD debuted in 2017 and has two men, J.SEPH and BM, and two women, Somin and Jiwoo. Its latest drop was its sixth EP "ICKY" on May 23. The group is known for its songs such as "Hola Hola" (2017), "Ring The Alarm" (2022) and "Without You."

The group recently finished its world tour, "Playground," on Sept. 8.

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