Kim Hye-soo returns to small screen as queen in 'The Queen's Umbrella'

TvN drama series "The Queen's Umbrella" starring Kim Hye-soo is set to air on tvN next month. [TVN]

Actor Kim Hye-soo returns to the small screen as a queen devoted to her sons’ palace education in tvN drama series “The Queen’s Umbrella.”

The cable channel announced the series would air next month. Production companies Studio Dragon and How Pictures are behind the series.

The Korean title of the series, pronounced “syurup,” is an old Korean word for umbrella. The series is a fusion of historical fiction and black comedy. Set during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), the narrative revolves around Queen Hwa-ryeong and how she is willing to sacrifice everything — including her royal dignity — to ensure that her troublemaking princes get the education they need. Kim portrays the queen as a strong-minded and autonomous character who is willing to take on anything for the well-being of her offspring.

TvN also released two teaser posters — one with the queen standing over a young prince with an umbrella while it’s pouring rain. The other is a close-up of Kim’s face with a look of steely determination.

Actors Moon Sang-min, Kang Chan-hee, Yoo Seon-ho and Yoon Sang-hyun will portray the four princes.