Kingdom to drop its seventh EP on Oct. 18

Boy band Kingdom [NEWS1]

Kingdom will drop its seventh EP “History Of Kingdom: Part VII. Jahan” on Oct. 18, the boy band’s agency GF Entertainment said Tuesday.

The upcoming album will revolve around Jahan, with his “kingdom of sun,” and act as the final album to wrap up the band’s season one of album releases.

Kingdom, since its debut in 2021, has been releasing albums under the title “History of Kingdom” and its fictional universe, where each of the band's seven members is a king of different kingdoms in different timelines, aiding each other to be the true king.

Jahan from by band Kingdom [GF ENTERTAINMENT]

The boy band’s previous release, “History of Kingdom: Part VI. Mujin,” released in March, revolved around its member Mujin, in his “kingdom of cherry blossom.”

Kingdom is on its first tour in the Americas. Kicked off with a performance in Vancouver on Sept. 8, the boy band will perform in 12 cities around the United States, Canada, Chile, Brazil and Mexico until Oct. 1.

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