Korean celebrities continue to donate money to help Turkey, Syria

From top left to botom right: Jimin and J-Hope from the boy band BTS, Haechan and Doyoung from the boy band NCT [NEWS1, YONHAP]

Korean celebrities are continuing to pitch in to help those affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit southern Turkey and northern Syria on Feb. 8.

J-Hope and Jimin from boy band BTS and actor Suzy Bae have each donated 100 million won ($78,000) to Unicef to help children in the region.

"I hope my donation can help the affected children in the region at least a bit," said J-Hope.

Girl group Twice donated 200 million won to the nongovernmental organization (NGO) Save the Children on Wednesday.

Girl group Twice [NEWS1]

Boy band Stray Kids’ Hyunjin and Changbin donated 100 million won each, Ryujin from girl group ITZY donated 20 million won, and girl group IVE and its agency Starship Entertainment also donated 150 million won to the NGO Good Neighbors.

Haechan and Doyoung from boy band NCT donated 100 million won each to the Community Chest of Korea.

"I was heartbroken by the news that the people of Turkey and Syria are suffering [by the earthquake]," Haechan said. I donated a small sum of money hoping for everyone to return to their normal life."

Entertainer Yu Jae-seok [ILGAN SPORTS]

Many others in the entertainment business have donated to help Turkey and Syria. SM Entertainment has also donated 200 million won, while entertainer Yu Jae-seok donated 100 million won and figure skating champion Kim Yuna donated $10,000.