Korean original musical 'Marie Curie' cast wraps up visit to Poland's Warsaw Music Gardens Festival

The cast of "Marie Curie: performed its numbers in front of the local crowd at the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Museum in Warsaw, Poland, during the Warsaw Music Gardens Festival on July 2. [LIVE]

The cast of the Korean original musical "Marie Curie" concluded its visit to the Warsaw Music Gardens Festival in Poland, according to the musical's production company Live on Monday.

The "Marie Curie" program, co-organized by the Warsaw Music Gardens Festival and the Korean Cultural Center in Poland, featured various events such as a gala concert, a live video screening of the performance and a mini-concert.

It was the first time for an Asian musical cast to be officially invited to the festival.

One of the first events that the cast took part in was a mini-concert for some 50 VIPs in Poland. The concert was held at the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Museum in Warsaw, Poland, on July 2.

Musical actor Kim So-hyang, who plays Marie Curie, performed her solo song, "Another Name," in the show and Kim and actor Lee Bom-sori, who plays the character of Anne, sang their duet "You're My Star."

"I feel like I'm with Marie Curie in this space. I'm so nervous, and I'm tearing up," Kim said.

Actor Lee added, "I was so nervous at first, but it's so nice to meet local people like this. I want to come to Poland more often."

Vice director of the museum Milka Skalska, who was in attendance, described the musical as "touching."

"'Marie Curie' will play a big role in promoting Marie Curie by giving a universal meaning to her life," she said, adding that she looks forward to an official performance of the musical in Poland in the future.

Hanna Karezewska, a descendant of Marie Curie, also displayed her appreciation for the musical.

"I watched a live video of the musical 'Marie Curie' at the Kinoteca Theater last November," she said. "It was a beautiful, amazing and indescribable performance, and I even cried. I'm very happy and moved to meet you here today."

The Warsaw Music Gardens Festival, which celebrates its 22nd anniversary this year, is a famous Polish cultural and artistic festival held every year during the entire month of July.

The musical "Marie Curie" revolves around the Polish physicist and chemist Marie Curie. It first premiered in 2018 at the Chungmu Arts Center in Jung District, central Seoul.