Korean remake of beloved rom-com begins filming with former B1A4 member Jinyoung, Twice's Dahyun

A promo image of boy band B1A4's former member, Jinyoung, and girl group Twice's Dahyun in the Korean version of Taiwanese romantic comedy film ″You Are the Apple of My Eye″ (2012). [STUDIO TAKE]

The Korean remake of the Taiwanese romantic comedy “You Are the Apple of My Eye” (2012) has started shooting, featuring former B1A4 member Jinyoung and Twice's Dahyun, its production company Studio Take said Monday.

“I’m happy to be cast in a film that I love so much,” Jinyoung said in a press release. “I’ll do my best to bring the emotions of the film to the screen.”

The Korean version of “You Are the Apple of My Eye,” directed by Cho Young-myung, will follow the original plot of the Taiwanese film and revolve around 18-year-old Jin-woo, played by Jinyoung, trying to confess his love to Sun-ah, played by Dahyun.

The film will be Director Cho's feature film debut.

The Korean remake was presold to eight countries, including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, after the cast members were revealed, according to the production company.

“It’s an honor to go on screen with such an amazing piece of work,” Dahyun said. “I’m so excited about the shoot, and I’ll work hard together with my fellow actors to create a good film."

The original Taiwanese film, featuring Ko Chen-tung and Michelle Chen, was released in 2012 and garnered major popularity in Korea. Due to its popularity, the film was rereleased in Korea in 2016 and 2021.

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