Korea's pop music association to host 2-day event for industry professionals

A poster image for ″M Camp,″ set to take place on Nov. 4 and 5 [LIAK]

The Record Label Industry Association of Korea (LIAK) will host a two-day get-together of experts in the pop music industry in November, titled "M Camp."

"'M Camp' will be the biggest festival of its kind where people from all corners of the Korean pop music industry get together," LIAK said in a press release.

"It will be a place of gathering not only for musicians but people working in music labels, the press, music venues, engineering, critics and so on will be able to attend."

"M Camp" will take place on Nov. 4 and 5 at YongPyong Resort in Gangwon. Everyone invited to the event will be given a free night's stay at the resort. The M in the name stands for musician, marketing and management, inclusive of all professionals in the music industry.

The festival will hold seminars, networking events and more, LIAK said, but details have not been decided yet.