Lee Beom-soo leads 'grotesque double life,' estranged wife says

Actor Lee Beom-soo and his now-estranged wife, Lee Yoon-jin, pose for a photo at a red carpet event in October 2017. [NEWS1]

Actor Lee Beom-soo’s wife, Lee Yoon-jin, aired out the couple’s marriage and family troubles through social media over the weekend, accusing the actor of being unfaithful and uncooperative during the couple's divorce proceedings and in the rearing of their children.

Lee Yoon-jin accused the actor of evading legal divorce procedures and refusing to communicate with her in a post uploaded to Instagram on Saturday.

“It has been almost 10 months since [Lee Beom-soo] evaded [his part in] an agreed-upon separation and the agreement for divorce, and the divorce mediation has fallen through,” Lee Yoon-jin said.

She claimed that she and the couple's daughter have been banned from entering the family's home in Seoul since last year. Lee Beom-soo reportedly lives with the couple's son in the city while Lee Yoon-jin resides with their daughter overseas.

Lee Yoon-jin spoke to the difficulty of reaching her son following her separation from her husband in the comments of the post, replying to users who asked about the 10-year-old.

“If there is anyone who knows how Da-eul is doing, please send me a DM,” she said.

Lee Yoon-jin also blamed Lee Beom-soo for the divorce.

“[He has lived] a grotesque double life, keeping furtive hobbies, and kept things to himself that are [private to the extent of being] locked up; he even hid the mobile phones he was using in socks,” Lee Yoon-jin’s post read. “He has deceived and betrayed his family.”

She further laid out grievances with her mother-in-law, who she claims told her parents to “raise their X of a daughter well.”

Lee Beom-soo’s agency, Y1 Entertainment, released a statement later in the day denying Lee Yoon-jin’s claims, and said the actor would refute his estranged wife’s claims in court, without responding to individual reports.

“There is a lot of information in Lee Yoon-jin’s social media post that is different from the truth,” Y1 Entertainment said.

The couple tied the knot in May 2010 and has a son and daughter. They initiated divorce procedures in March of this year after 14 years of marriage.

Actor Lee Beom-soo made his debut with a supporting role in the film “Let’s Look at the Sky Sometimes” (1990). Since then, he has been frequenting both the silver and the small screens, taking lead roles in drama series including “On Air” (2008) and “Giant” (2010) and films like “Bungee Jumping of Their Own” (2001) and “Operation Chromite” (2016).

The latest addition to his filmography is “The Roundup: No Way Out” from last year, the third installment of the “The Outlaws” (2017) franchise. He will also appear in the fourth installment, “The Roundup: Punishment,” which releases on April 24.

Lee Yoon-jin is a translator and interpreter. She has also worked as a news presenter at OBS Gyeongin Television, and as a publicist and global project manager for celebrities including Rain and Blackpink.

The couple’s marriage and family life with their children was documented on KBS’s reality show “The Return of Superman” (2013-). Lee Beom-soo won the Excellence Award in the variety show category at KBS’s Entertainment Awards in 2016 for his appearance in the program.