Lee Hyo-ri signs exclusive management contract with Antenna

Lee Hyo-ri [NEWS1]

Singer-turned-television personality Lee Hyo-ri signed an exclusive management contract with Antenna, announced the agency on Thursday.

The agency issued a statement on Thursday morning, explaining that it “decided to come together for a new start” with Lee Hyo-ri.

“We would like to ask for your support and please keep an eye for Lee Hyo-ri's activity with Antenna,” said the statement.

“I had my concerns about having an exclusive management contract due to my irregular entertainment activities, but I decided to work with the company [Antenna] as they respect the thoughts and the direction of each artist,” said Lee Hyo-ri in a statement released Thursday.

After a successful career with hit girl group Fin.K.L in the late 1990s, Lee Hyo-ri debuted as a solo artist in 2003 with the lead track “10 Minutes” from her first album “Stylish...”

Her most popular songs include "U-Go-Girl" (2008) and "Bad Girls" (2013). Lee is also very active on television, with programs such as "Family Outing" (2008) on SBS, JTBC's "Hyori's Homestay" (2017-18) and most recently "Canada Check-in" on cable network tvN.

Founded in 1997 by singer-songwriter Yoo Hee-yeol, Antenna is home to musicians such as Lucid Fall, Peppertones and artists including Mijoo, Kwon Jin-ah, Sam Kim and Yoo Jae-seok.

Lee’s husband, musician Lee Sang-soon, signed with Antenna in November last year.