Lee Sang-bo claims to have never used illegal drugs

Actor Lee Sang-bo [JOONGANG ILBO]

Actor Lee Sang-bo, who was arrested on Saturday for alleged drug abuse but released on Monday, said in an interview with local media outlet YTN on Tuesday that he has never used illegal drugs.

“I’ve never ever used illegal drugs or even been near one. I’ve never been associated with anyone who does drugs. What I take are medical tranquilizers,” he said in the interview.

Park said he has been taking tranquilizers prescribed by his doctor for his depression and anxiety following the death of his father in 2009. He said his symptoms worsened when his sister and mother passed away in an accident in 2019.

He claimed that the reason for his positive drug test result after his arrest Saturday was due to the small amount of narcotic substances contained in the antidepressant.

Lee said he will take legal action against media outlets that publish misleading articles and anyone who spreads false information online.

Drug offenders are usually taken into police custody for investigation, but after confirming Lee’s medical documents, the police decided to investigate Lee without detainment. Lee was let go two days after the arrest.

Lee was arrested at his home in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, on Saturday following a civilian report filed on the same day that said there was "a man running around the streets who looks like he is high on drugs."

Police said they arrested him without a warrant as dozens of pills were found at his home and that a simple drug test also turned out positive.

Lee debuted in 2006 through KBS drama series "Invisible Man Choi Jang-su" (translated). He has since made appearances as an extra or in supporting roles in various works including tvN's "Romance Hunter" (2007), KBS's "Daughters-in-Law" (2007), MBC's "Man Who Dies to Live" (2017) and the film "Secretly, Greatly" (2013).