Lisa from Blackpink launches solo company Lloud

Lisa of girl group Blackpink announcing her new company Lloud [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Lisa of girl group Blackpink founded her own management company named Lloud, becoming the third member of the quartet to officially kick off her solo career.

The announcement of Lloud's establishment came on Thursday when Lisa uploaded a picture on her Instagram account.

"Introducing Lloud, a platform to showcase my vision in music and entertainment," wrote the Blackpink rapper along with a photograph of herself with the company logo. "Join me on this exciting journey to push through new boundaries together."

No further details were disclosed, but a mission statement on the company's website read: "At Lloud, our passion as an artist management company is to create experiences that transcend genres and connect generations. Our core lies in relentless innovation and a commitment to authenticity. We're not just pushing boundaries; we're redefining them, crafting chart-topping and genre-defying music. Embrace the beginning of the Lloud era with us."

Lisa became the third Blackpink member to announce her solo career, following bandmates Jennie and Jisoo, who both began their new career chapters with members of their family.

Lisa of girl group Blackpink announcing her new company Lloud [SCREEN CAPTURE]
Girl group Blackpink [YG ENTERTAINMENT]

Jennie founded her company Odd Atelier (OA) with her mother last November and announced the news on Dec. 24.

Jisoo is expected to partner with her brother, Kim Jeung-hoon, who is the CEO of the infant health food company Biomom, for her solo activities under a company named Blissoo.

Biomom began hiring production and design staff as well as managers and bodyguards, but declined to give an official comment.

YG Entertainment's contract with Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa of Blackpink expired in 2023. The four members elected to continue their group activities with the agency but did not re-sign for their solo pursuits.

This leaves Rosé as the only member whose next step has not been decided yet. Fans are hoping for an announcement to come on Monday, which is her birthday.

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