LUN8 to make comeback with 'Buff' in March

Boy band LUN8. [FANTAGIO]

Boy band LUN8 is making its comeback with its second EP “Buff” on March 13, the band’s agency Fantagio said on Wednesday.

The band is making its return with new music nine months after releasing its debut EP “Continue?” in June of last year.

LUN8's second EP ″Buff″ will be released on March 13. [FANTAGIO]

The upcoming EP is titled “Buff” after the video game term widely used to describe making players or their stats more powerful, according to Fantagio.

“Buff” will be about the many dreams of the youth, continuing the first EP’s overall message of “taking up challenges without giving up.”

LUN8 debuted with “Continue?” in last June as an eight-member group consisting of Jinsu, Chael, Takuma, Junwoo, Dohyun, Ian, Ji Eun-ho and Eunseop.

The band’s first subunit, LUN8wave – made up of Takuma, Junwoo, Dohyun, Ji Eun-ho and Eunseop – released its first digital single “Playground” in November.

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