Media outlet speculates NewJeans' Danielle has singing sister Gyuna

Gyuna is the singer behind "Lava," the soundtrack for Coupang Play's mystery drama series "Hide." [LEEWAY MUSIC & MEDIA]

A local media outlet on Tuesday reported that NewJeansDanielle has an older sister — and that sister's name is Gyuna. Gyuna is the singer behind "Lava," a recently released song for the mystery drama series “Hide."

TV Report said early on Tuesday that Gyuna, whose full Korean name is Mo Gyu-na, has the English name Olivia Marsh, the same last name as Danielle. She also reportedly holds dual citizenship in Korea and Australia.

But Danielle’s agency, ADOR, told the Korea JoongAng Daily on the same day that it was still “in the process of checking” if the girl group member and singer were family members.

TV Report first picked up the story after someone congratulated Gyuna on her debut and wished the best for her "along with [her] younger sister" in a comment on the music video for "Lava."

The existence of Danielle's sister was made known in an episode of SBS's documentary series "My Heart's Crayon" (2008-16), which showed a youngerDanielle and her family.

Danielle debuted as a member of NewJeans in July 2022 under agency ADOR, a music label under HYBE. The group is responsible for major hits like “Attention” (2022), “Ditto” (2022) and “Hype Boy” (2022), among others.

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