New K-pop girl group Geenius to debut in January

Official logo of the new girl group Geenius [SURE PLACE]

Geenius, a new five-member girl group, will debut on Jan. 5 to become the first K-pop band to debut in 2024, its agency sure place said Wednesday.

The five members are Yeyoung, Sion, Mika, Zoe and Andamiro, who started their journey together in 2018, according to the agency.

The five members had previously trained for six years under Blockberry Creative, the same agency that was caught up in a legal battle with the members of girl group Loona.

The members were initially preparing to debut in their former agency’s girl group Bebez, sure place said.

Geenius members signed an exclusive contract with sure place after their contracts with their former agency ended, sure place added.

Further details about the girl group's debut will be announced in the coming days, the agency said.

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