New triplS subunit, NXT, drops first digital single

tripleS' new subunit, NXT [MODHAUS]

Girl group tripleS’ new subunit, NXT, dropped its first digital single, “Just Do It,” on Saturday, its agency, Modhaus, said.

The subunit consists of four new members who are making their debut through the subunit: Hayeon, Shion, Joobin and Lynn.

“Just Do It,” is a dance-pop track, that sends a message that “[we’re] perfection though we are incomplete,” referring to the members' ambition and dreams, according to the agency.

tripleS, which launched in May 2022, is Modhaus’ first girl group. The group has a unique subunit system, called “dimension,” in which groups are often created based on fans' votes. tripleS is known for songs like “Generation” (2022), “Rising” and “Invincible.”

The group recently rolled out its first ballad subunit, Aria, in December, which is set to collaborate with singer-songwriter Heize. Aria consists of five members: Seo Da-hyun, Kim Chae-yeon, Lee Ji-woo, Kaede and Nien.

The group had 20 members as of NXT's debut, but ultimately plans to have 24.

tripleS won Best New Female Artist at the 2023 MAMA Awards on Nov. 29.

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