NewJeans’ 'ETA' video earns bronze at Spikes Asia awards

Girl group NewJeans [ADOR]

Girl group NewJeans’ “ETA” (2023) music video was awarded bronze at this year’s Spikes Asia Awards for successfully integrating the Apple brand into its music.

The Spikes Asia Awards released the winners and shortlists for this year on Monday. The Spikes Asia Awards, incepted as the Asian Advertising Awards in 1986, gives out awards to media content made in the Asia Pacific for excellence in creative communications.

“ETA” won bronze for successful Brand or Product Integration into Music Content under the Music division. NewJeans’ “Coca-Cola Massita” campaign was also shortlisted for the same category.

The judging for the awards — Grand Prix, gold, silver and bronze — grades content individually on a scale of one to nine rather than ranking them, according to the organizers.

“ETA” was released as one of the three lead tracks for NewJeans’ second EP, “Get Up,” in July last year. The music video for the song was filmed by director Shin Woo-seok on an iPhone 14 as part of Apple Korea’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign.

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