NewJeans' Hyein temporarily suspends activities due to injury

Hyein from girl group NewJeans [NEWS1]

Hyein of girl group NewJeans will temporarily suspend activities to recover from a foot injury, her agency ADOR said Wednesday.

She was examined at a hospital after feeling pain in the top of her foot, ADOR said in a statement uploaded to Phoning, NewJeans' fan community app.

“She underwent a thorough examination and discovered a microfracture in her foot,” the statement read. “The medical staff advised her to limit her movement as much as possible until she recovered."

“Accordingly, Hyein will pause her activities and focus on recovery and recuperation.”

NewJeans is scheduled to release its new single, “How Sweet,” on May 24. The group is also set to release its single “Supernatural” in Japan on June 21 for its official debut in the country, before holding two fan meetups in the Tokyo Dome on June 26 and 27.

ADOR did not reveal whether Hyein will be participating in NewJeans’ upcoming comeback activities, instead promising to ensure that "she can resume her activities in good health."

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