NewJeans samples Pharrell Williams on Japanese debut single 'Supernatural'

NewJeans' Japanese debut digital single, "Supernatural," will drop on June 21. The physical copies of the album will come in bags featured in the picture. [ADOR]

NewJeans' upcoming Japanese debut single "Supernatural" will sample world-renowned singer and producer Pharrell Williams.

Producer 250 sampled Williams’s iconic ad-lib and bridge from "Back of My Mind", the singer’s 2009 collaboration with Japanese singer Manami. "250 reinterpreted it into a new jack swing song," the girl group's agency, ADOR, said Monday. 250 has been producing numerous hits for NewJeans, such as “Attention” (2022), “Hype Boy” (2022), “Ditto” (2023) and “ETA” (2023).

Grammy-winning singer and producer Williams is known for his mega hit song "Happy." He has also been active as a fashion designer.

Singer and producer Pharrell Williams is well known for his 2013 mega hit song ″Happy.″ [BACK LOT MUSIC]

NewJeans will also collaborate with renowned pop artist Takashi Murakami for the release of "Supernatural."

The physical copies of the album are a collaboration between ADOR and Murakami. There will be three versions of the release: a drawstring bag version, a cross bag version and a Weverse version without a bag.

All versions of the release will feature flower characters created by combining the design of NewJeans' lightstick, "Binkybong," and Murakami's signature icon, "Murakami Flower."

NewJeans' Japanese debut digital single, "Supernatural," will drop on June 21. The single will include the title track and b-side, "Right Now." "Right Now" was featured in a commercial for Lotte’s new sugar-free snack brand, Zero, on June 9.

NewJeans will make its comeback in Korea on May 24. The music video for "Bubble Gum," a b-side track from the single "How Sweet" that was prereleased on May 27, topped YouTube Music’s Korea Top 100 Weekly chart.

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