Oneus celebrates five years with letters to fans

Boy band Oneus [SCREEN CAPTURE]

Boy band Oneus celebrated the fifth anniversary of its debut on Tuesday with handwritten letters for its fan club, To Moon.

“Five years have already passed since our debut, as we have been running nonstop every day,” member Hwanwoong said in his letter posted on the band's social media Tuesday.

“Thank you, To Moon, for always being there for us,” Seoho said. “Let's create happy memories so they can brighten up the not-so-happy days.”

“Thank you for standing by our side. We were able to come this far thanks to [To Moon],” Leedo said.

Oneus debuted in January 2019 with its first EP, “Light Us,” the first boy band to be launched by agency RBW. The band includes five members: Seoho, Leedo, Keon-hee, Hwanwoong and Xion.

The group is known for releasing music themed around unique concepts, including vampires and mermen princes. Its songs include “Valkyrie” (2019), “A Song Written Easily” (2020), and “Baila Conmigo” (2023).

The band finished its second world tour, “La Dolce Vita,” in November in Copenhagen. It also recently held its first fan concerts this past Friday and Saturday.

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