Paul Kim announces marriage plans in letter to fans

Singer-songwriter Paul Kim [WHYES ENTERTAINMENT]

Singer-songwriter Paul Kim announced he will marry his “partner of nine years” through a handwritten letter.

The letter addressed to his fans, Paul in Love, was uploaded to the singer’s website, Paul Kim Story, on Thursday.

The singer thanked his fans for their support for him and his music, saying he felt “the most encouraged by Paul in Love when [he] didn’t feel good enough.”

He then said he had met someone who comforted him during the moments when he felt down and could not bear to show himself in front of the public.

“She is someone who sees, understands and supports me at my best as well as the times when I am not,” Kim said about his partner.

“Nine years have passed since I have met her and now, I will promise my life to her,” he said.

“I will not forget the gratitude that I hold as the singer Paul Kim and will continue to show growth [as a musician],” the singer concluded.

With blessings from both families, the two will marry without a ceremony.

Paul Kim's letter, addressed to his fans Paul in Love [WHYES ENTERTAINMENT]

Kim debuted in 2014 with his single “Coffee With Me.” He is known for hits “Every Day, Every Moment” (2018), “Me After You” (2018), “So Long” (2019) and “Hangover” (2020). He has also been active as a member of the band Gomak Boys, a group formed through Kakao TV’s entertainment show of the same name.

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