Police question actor Yoo Ah-in over drug abuse accusations

Actor Yoo Ah-in on March 27 [NEWS1]

Actor Yoo Ah-in presented himself to police on Tuesday, five days after he refused to attend his initial questioning on Thursday.

Yoo, currently under investigation for illegal drug use, had previously refused to attend his initial interrogation on the day of the questioning.

Yoo arrived at the Mapo Police Station at around 9 a.m. Tuesday and entered the station without answering any questions from reporters.

Media reports Monday said that the police had considered seeking an arrest warrant for Yoo, had he not attended the interrogation.

Yoo had already asked to postpone his first interrogation, originally scheduled on March 24, citing that the date was made public by the media. Yoo first presented himself to police on March 27, when he was questioned for almost 12 hours.

Yoo tested positive for cannabis in early February when the police executed a search and seizure warrant on the actor.

The actor also tested positive for propofol, a detailed drug test results in March showed.