Police to conduct 'speedy, thorough' investigation on Min Hee-jin

ADOR CEO and girl group NewJeans producer Min Hee-jin at a press conference on April 25, 2023 [YONHAP]

Police will "conduct a speedy and thorough investigation" on ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin amid the ongoing feud between the company and HYBE as ADOR prepares for its board meeting on Friday.

Commissioner of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Cho Ji-ho, said Tuesday in a press briefing that he "did not receive any special reports" regarding Min's case, and no big progress has been made yet.

"We will conduct a speedy and thorough investigation on the case as the people have been taking a keen interest in it," Cho said.

No witness has been called in for questioning and the police are still in the process of reviewing related papers, another official told Yonhap.

HYBE, the 80-percent owner of girl group NewJeans' agency ADOR, reported Min to the police for breach of trust on April 25 after gathering "specific evidence that the ADOR CEO has led a move to seize management of the company," according to a press release.

ADOR will hold its board meeting on Friday at 9 a.m. in Seoul, which will vote on whether or not to convene a shareholders meeting.

Min's attorneys told reporters last week that ADOR plans to hold a shareholders meeting between May 27 and 30.

The agency's girl group NewJeans is set to release its new single "How Sweet" on May 24. The quintet will also release a Japanese single and hold two concerts at Tokyo Dome in June.

NewJeans also announced an album to come within the latter half of the year and a world tour set to begin next year.