Rookie boy band NOMAD to debut Feb. 28


A new five-member rookie boy band, NOMAD, is set to debut on Feb. 28 under Nomad Entertainment.

NOMAD is an acronym, which stands for “Need Our Microphone And Dance.”

It's meant to capture the group's determination to spread its music to the world and its confidence “to grab the microphone to dance with all one’s heart and enjoy the stage.”

The members are Doy, Sangha, One, Rivr and Junho.

The band’s debut EP “Nomad” will consist of seven tracks, including two lead tracks “No pressure” and “California love.”

Group member Doy has participated in the writing and composing of all the songs in the tracklist, the agency said in a press release.

Schedule poster of boy band NOMAD's debut [NOMAD ENTERTAINMENT]

The band released three of its EP tracks — “Lights on,” “Eye 2 eye” and “Automatic” — ahead of its official debut.

It is also set to drop videos for “Oasis” and “Let me love you” on Feb. 9 and 23, respectively, which will also appear on the EP.

The band will release video teasers for “No pressure” on Feb. 25 and “California love” on Feb. 27.

The music video for “No pressure” will drop the day the band debuts.

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