Rookie boy band TWS set for June album drop

The number ″24.06.24″ is juxtaposed with the image of boy band TWS running toward the beach at the end of the 39 second video. [PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT]

TWS will drop a new album on June 24, the rookie boy band's agency, Pledis Entertainment, said Thursday.

A teaser video, titled "Our Memories: Now," was released on TWS's official YouTube channel on Thursday, indicating the June 24 release date of the band's upcoming album.

TWS is a boy band produced by Pledis Entertainment nine years after Seventeen made its debut in 2015. It has six members: Youngjae, Jihoon, Dohoon, Kyungmin, Shinyu and Hanjin.

The boy band debuted with the EP "Sparkling Blue" on Jan. 22 this year and reached No. 1 on the Melon Hot 100 with the EP’s lead track "Plot Twist." The music video for the song has been viewed 26.3 million times as of Thursday.

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