Rowoon to focus on solo activities, SF9 to continue as group of 8

Singer and actor Rowoon [NEWS1]

Rowoon will focus on his acting career while SF9 restructures itself as an eight-member band, the boy band's agency FNC Entertainment said Monday.

All nine members of SF9 renewed their contract with FNC Entertainment, but Rowoon will not be participating in future band activities.
Rowoon will remain as "SF9's ninth member forever," according to FNC Entertainment.

"SF9, which made its debut in 2016 and has been [FNC Entertainment's] artist for seven years, had its first contract with the agency completed as of Sept. 18," FNC Entertainment said in a post uploaded to the band's fan cafe on Monday.

"All members who renewed their contracts with the agency, and the eight members will aim for a second takeoff as a group of eight. Rowoon will focus on his individual activities, including his acting career."

"While the members' paths may differ, Rowoon will always remain as SF9's ninth member and, alongside the eight other members, will support each other in the days to come."

Rowoon, too, posted a handwritten letter to the band's official fan cafe.

"I'm 27 this year, and I plan on embarking on a new journey," Rowoon, whose real name is Kim Seok-woo, said.

"I will stay the same, just as how you guys would remember me. I really thank you all, and I hope you follow my journey with warm affection."

Rowoon, Yoo Tae-yang, Youngbin, Zuho, Hwiyoung, Inseong, Jaeyoon, Dawon and Chani debuted as a member of SF9 in 2016. SF9 is known for songs such as "Good Guy" (2020), "Summer Breeze" (2020) and "Trauma" (2021).

Rowoon started his career in acting with the KBS2 drama "School 2017." He took the leading roles in "Extraordinary You" (2019), "The King's Affection" (2021), "Destined with You" and more.

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