Sales of concert tickets surge amid eased Covid restrictions

An audience enjoys the outdoors in ″Wonderland Festival 2022″ on May 1 at the 88 Grass Garden in Songpa District, southern Seoul. [YONHAP]

With Covid-19 regulations continuing to ease up, the concert industry is seeing a significant increase in ticket sales.

For concerts held in Korea between April and June this year, ticket sale revenue increased by 267 percent compared to the same period last year, Interpark said Friday.

Even the number of concerts has increased, with 353 concerts taking place this year during the aforementioned period, 43.5 percent more than last year’s 246 concerts.

“The number of seats available to purchase per concert has surged as requirements on leaving seats empty between occupied ones and limits on the number of audience members have been lifted,” Interpark said in a statement.

Outdoor festivals, including the Seoul Jazz Festival 2022, are proving popular with six listed on the top 20 best-selling events.

Interpark cited that the spring-summer season and Covid-19 have led people to prefer to “take excursions outdoors” instead of being “sealed indoors.”