Seezn to release original film 'Another Record: Lee Je-hoon'

Lee Je-hoon [SEEZN]

Local streaming platform Seezn will release an original film titled “Another Record: Lee Je-hoon” in August.

The film, which will be exclusively available on Seezn, is based on actor Lee Je-hoon’s imagination — his dreams, idealistic future and “what ifs” in case he didn’t become an actor. Lee’s story will be portrayed in a manner that switches back and forth between reality and fiction.

Seezn hinted that a special guest and a friend of Lee will make an appearance to tell anecdotes related to Lee.

“It was a unique experience to film a cinematic real documentary,” Lee said. “It gave me the opportunity to look back on myself and make good memories with people around me.”

The film is directed by Yoon Dan-bi, recognized for her first feature film “Moving On” (2020), which took home prizes such as Best Feature Film Award at Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, Bright Future Award at Rotterdam International Film Festival and New Talent Award at Hong Kong Asian Film Festival.