Seventeen to celebrate fan club's 8th birthday with music, light show

Boy band Seventeen. [PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT]

Boy band Seventeen will celebrate the eighth birthday of its fan club, Carat, with a special remix of its 2023 hit track "Super" and a lighting event at the N Seoul Tower on Wednesday in central Seoul.

The band's new remix, titled "Super (Workout Remix)" was released on online streaming services at 2 p.m. on Friday, with the "perfect vibe for working out," according to the band's agency, Pledis Entertainment.

The group's official colors – rose quartz and serenity – will light the N Seoul Tower on top of Namsan from dusk until 10:30 p.m. with messages from members reading "Carat, Happy Birthday."

An image of the new ″Super″ (2023) remix, left, and the N Seoul Tower [PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT]

The media facade on the outside of the tower will display videos related to Seventeen, the agency said.

"Super" was the lead track of Seventeen's 10th EP, "FML," which has sold over 6.29 million copies since its release in April of last year, becoming the only K-pop artist to sell over 3 million copies of an album on the day of release.

Seventeen is set to hold the encore concerts of its "Follow" world tour in a new series titled "'Follow' Again," twice in Incheon on March 30 and 31, Osaka on May 18 and 19 and Kanagawa on May 25 and 26.

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