Seventeen to drop trot song 'God of Light Music'

The poster for ″God of Light Music″ [PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT]

Seventeen will drop a trot song the boy band's member wrote, named "God of Light Music," on Tuesday, its agency Pledis Entertainment said the same day.

"God of Light Music" is a trot song created during its YouTube content "Going Seventeen" as part of its fake documentary to promote its 11th EP "Seventeenth Heaven" and its lead track "God of Music."

"There were many requests from fans to release the music of 'God of Light Music,' which was originally made as a promotional content for Seventeen's comeback," the agency said in a press release.

Along with the drop of "God of Light Music," a Korean trot version of "God of Music" will also be released the same day, the agency added.

The band is on its world tour "Follow" and is set to perform on Japanese broadcasting channel NHK's annual year-end music show "Kohaku Uta Gassen" on New Year's Eve.

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