Seventeen's latest 'The City' project to launch in Yokohama and Osaka

Seventeen's "'Follow' the City" project will take place in Osaka and Yokohama from April 27 to May 26. [HYBE]

Seventeen’s “'Follow' the City” project will return to Japan from Saturday, ahead of the boy band's “Follow Again” encore concerts in Osaka and Yokohama in May.

“The City” is a recurring series of promotional events that HYBE organizes for its artists in the cities they perform in while touring.

The upcoming “The City” project will consist of a variety of events from April 27 to May 26, the day of Seventeen’s world tour finale concert. The band is slated to hold two concerts each in Osaka, on May 18 and 19, and Yokohama on May 25 and 26.

A Seventeen-themed version, organized by HYBE Japan, was held twice in Japan — in 2022 as part of the band’s “Be the Sun” dome tour and in 2023 as part of its “Follow” world tour.

Seventeen-themed events hosted by HYBE Japan for its 2023 ″'Follow' the City″ project in Tokyo [HYBE]

Unlike the previous versions, HYBE Japan has officially partnered with the Yokohama government to foster more participation from local facilities and companies, according to HYBE.

Under the partnership, Seventeen-themed events will be held at around 20 of Yokohama’s major facilities. The Yokohama City Hall and seaside mall Yokohama Hammerhead will be lit up in Seventeen’s official colors, rose quartz and serenity, from May 17 to 26. A fireworks show will be held at Yokohama Port at 8 p.m. on May 18 and 26.

Yokohama’s transport department will issue travel passes featuring with Seventeen’s character BongBongee. The tickets can be purchased and used by fans for unlimited one-day travel to the Nissan Stadium, where Seventeen’s concerts in Yokohama will be held, as well as to other "The City" events held in the city.

In Osaka, “The City” project’s more eye-catching events will be held at Dotonbori, Osaka’s principal tourist and nightlife area, and at Hep Five, a shopping mall and entertainment center.

A Seventeen-themed cruise will operate for three days in the Dotonbori canal, from May 17 through 20, while the Hep Five Ferris Wheel will be decorated with Seventeen members’ faces both on the interior and exterior of the carriages.

A Digital Stamp Rally will also be held for the third consecutive time as part of Seventeen's "The City" project in Japan, from May 10 to 26. Fans can collect digital stamps when they visit “'Follow' the City” events in person and redeem a Seventeen photo card with every five digital stamps. This is an increased number from the last event, at which fans could redeem a photo card for three.

The Digital Stamp Rally service has expanded its language options to include English and Korean, according to HYBE.

Pop-up stores selling Seventeen-themed merchandise, as well as photo exhibitions that document the band members’ preparations up to the concerts, will operate in both cities.

The entire itinerary of events included in Seventeen’s “The City” project can be found on its website.

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