Shim Eun-ha denies claims she's set to return to acting after retiring in 2001

Actor Shim Eun-ha [JOONGANG PHOTO]

Shim Eun-ha, who quit acting in 2001, has denied claims she is making a return to the entertainment industry.

According to entertainment agency BY4M on Wednesday, Shim signed an exclusive contract with BY4M. But Shin and her husband Ji Sang-wook, a former National Assembly representative, denied that such a contract was made between the two parties.

"We have signed a contact with Shim for her to appear in productions and have already paid her a down payment," said BY4M in a press release. "We are aiming to finalize and produce Shim's comeback project this year. We are very honored to be able to work with Shim."

Shim denied this claim through a representative to who spoke to local press.

"I do not know to whom BY4M is saying they paid a down payment to," Shim's representative told StarNews, a local entertainment media outlet. "I have heard that the CEO of BY4M is leveraging this alleged contract with Shim to try and influence production companies."

BY4M could not be reached for a comment.

Former National Assembly representative Ji Sang-wook and actor Shim Eun-ha speak during a electoral rally for Ji on April 15, 2020. [JOONGANG PHOTO]

Shim enjoyed great popularity in the 1990s, before retiring from all acting work in 2001. She went on to marry Ji in 2005. The couple has two daughters.

Her last work as an actor was in the film "Interview" which premiered in 2000.

She debuted in 1993 through MBC drama series "Under the Same Roof" (1986-94). She is most-known for her role as the female lead in MBC drama "The Last Match" (1994).

Some of Shim's other works include drama series "Trap of Youth" (1999), and films “Christmas in August” (1998) and "The Art Museum by the Zoo” (1998).