SHINee finishes Japan tour 'SHINee World VI [Perfect Illumination]' at Tokyo Dome

Boy band SHINee performs at the Tokyo Dome in February. [SM ENTERTAINMENT]

Boy band SHINee rocked the Tokyo Dome for the first time in six years, performing its best hits for over 100,000 fans at the venue over the weekend for its “SHINee World VI [Perfect Illumination]” tour concerts in Japan.

The band last performed at the stadium during its "SHINee World the Best 2018" tour.

The band held two concerts at the arena as the finale for its “SHINee World VI [Perfect Illumination]” Japanese tour, which spanned four cities over three months. Concerts on both Feb. 24 and 25 sold out, according to the band’s agency SM Entertainment.

The Japanese version of "Sherlock (Clue + Note)” (2012) was the concert’s opening song. It was followed by performances of other hits including “Lucifer” (2010) and “View” (2015) as well as Japanese versions of “Dream Girl” (2013), “Replay” (2008) and “Love Like Oxygen” (2008), for a total of 28 songs over nearly three hours, SM Entertainment said.

Tracks from its most recently released full-length album “Hard” (2023), including its title track, “Juice” and “Like It," were also performed.

The band finished the concert with the Japanese single “1000 Years, Always By Your Side” (2012).


“It felt unreal coming back to the Tokyo Dome after six years, but I’m glad to stand here once again,” the band members said in their closing remarks, according to SM Entertainment.

“We definitely felt the energy you sent our way. Please keep in your memories the encounter between SHINee and SHINee World,” the members added. SHINee World, or Shawol for short, is the name of the group’s fan base.

SHINee will move on to other regions in Asia for its “SHINee World VI [Perfect Illumination]” tour starting from March, holding concerts in Singapore on March 2 and Hong Kong on April 16.

Three members of the band — Minho, Taemin and Key — will perform on the tour, while member Onew will not, citing health issues.

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